Brooklyn, Pretoria is giving Cape Town a run for its money I tell you. With exquisite little boutique coffee shops, perfect pizzerias and bustling burger joints all sitting along costal-style walk-along streets, this is definitely the place to be (if you don’t have the ocean and wine routes that is).


Driving through the narrow roads filled with cars parked where they may, is almost reminiscent of the European bistros and bars tucked away along little cobblestone passages, just waiting to be found. With so much to choose from in such a small area, this one was truly a ‘toughy’. Being a curious bunch we opted for the ‘new kid on the block’ and headed over to Ozé Café and Bistro.

To make life easier, as BluMallow does, we have broken down our epic outing into 5 simple ratings.

Location: 4/5

Right on the corner of this busy Brooklyn street, you simply cannot miss this hot #work spot! Right away one notices the innovative top bar created from a shipping container and painted a stylish black. Whether you’re on the look out for a lengthy lunch or just to pop in for a craft beer or funky gin cocktail, this venue is convenient and beautiful. With parking a hot commodity in this area, the addition of a sizeable parking section just next to the restaurant is a great bonus.

Wifi: 5/5

Our journey this week was born out of a lagging wifi line, not naming any names but any small business owner will understand… We took this as a sign and hit to the streets of Brooklyn on a fine Friday afternoon for some offsite fun. Ozé is incredibly easy to connect to with no drops in wifi across the facility. We made sure. We sat in 3 different locations across the restaurant and connectivity was blazing!

Service: 5/5

What a fun and considerate bunch! There is an exciting balance in feeling completely at home with such friendly waiters, yet also in unchartered territory with the fascinating décor and music. The staff are caring and full of smiles. They have perfect skill in leaving you to your work while still making sure your stay is pleasant, and that you have everything you need.

Menu: 4/5

Here in South Africa, it seems to be that no matter how hot it gets we are always up for a hot & spicy nibble. We did just that and opted for truly Portuguese style chicken livers. Served in a petit cast iron skillet with fresh bread and bursting with flavour, it is an easy winner! It is also impossible to not be drawn to every dish that passes your table, piled generously and smelling delectable.


Vibe: 4/5

Do yourself a favour and cruise on up to their second floor balcony for a gorgeous view of the vibey Hazelwood area. Depending on the time of day (and whether Friday drinks are an acceptable work activity) the top floor bar is well within reach for a well-relaxed wind-down wine. Want to be part of the on-the-ground vibe? Downstairs boast the most beautiful fusion of Portuguese décor and style, with a truly South African feel both in music and welcome. And when you think about it, isn’t that just a match made in heaven?


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