Technology is a wondrous thing. Offering not only millennials the chance to constantly check what’s potting in their social circles wherever and whenever, but also affording businesses the opportunity to take their work out and about for a stroll along the Cape promenades, a quiet conversation over a summer white wine with a view, or simply a cuppa’joe at a local favourite brewery.

Restaurants and coffee shops looking to expand their services from merely a place of social enjoyment, are catching onto this work/life fusion with gusto! Offering the adventurous entrepreneur or steady business bunch alike an offsite platform to meet, engage and build their businesses, while still enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. BluMallow says bravo!

In light of this exciting new era we small-business-folk find ourselves in, the BluMallow team has taken it upon themselves to scour the earth for the most exceptional hot #work spots. So pack up your laptop, prop up your glasses and take your business on the road!

Kicking off our weekly hot #work spot this week is Bootlegger Coffee Company in Bakoven, Cape Town. Neatly nestled in the scenic mountains of Camps Bay, this humble-looking, modern coffee shop is a must for anyone looking to setup their next status meeting, or simply pop in for a quick email-check.

To make life easier, as BluMallow does, we have broken down our epic-outing into 5 simple ratings.

Location: 4/5
Hop on your bicycle or throw on those shades and take a walk down winding Victoria road to this quaint, yet striking gem. Stand out black and white decor (and the R15 early-morning coffee special) makes for an easy-to-find, eye catching coffee bar. Or if you are coming from afar, as I did, simply pop “38 Victoria road, Camps bay” into good old Google maps and you are well on your way. Sit outside for breath-taking mountain view or simply watch the locals stroll by in the cape sun.

Wifi: 5/5
An essential for any business, wifi these days needs to be easily available and preferably blazing-fast. Bootleggers does not let us down by any regard. Simple to access and without complaint, a superb online experience.

Service: 5/5
As you walk in, you are immediately met by a friendly face. The staff are excellent and on the ball, and the owner/manager is well-involved, clearly taking pride in running Bootleggers with a hands-on approach. A friendly team that looks as thought they love where they work and what they do makes for a pleasant experience, and a speedy coffee refill.

Menu: 5/5
Hot, fresh, fantastic are the first words that come to mind. This being an early morning pop in, we opted for the fresh orange juice and salmon benedict and can only say we were blown away. With a drizzle of lemon, the balance of flavours is beautifully complimenting, and portion size is perfect to kick off your day the right way. Divine.

Vibe: 5/5
An apparent favourite stop off for cyclists, seasoned businessmen, and young creatives, the atmosphere is welcoming to individuals from all walks of life. Few can resist the intoxicating smell of freshly ground coffee, light conversation between friends catching up, ambient lighting and almost european background music, this spot boasts the cultural essence that is Cape Town.

Overall we had an exceptional work experience, and would highly recommend this gem of a workspace.
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